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"We have been coming to CNS for a few years now.  Brother has worked with just about every therapist in the building. They are the greatest. They have his best interest in mind and always keep me updated on what he's accomplished or needs to work on. We simply adore Kathy! She has been with Brother since he was a baby. She has helped him achieve what the doctors said he wouldn't. He currently works with Manning and I love that he pushes Brother to do his best. He never gives up on him. CNS has never given up on him. Thank you for that."

--Katrina Chapman


"Before we started coming to CNS our lives were completely hectic. We never knew what was wrong or could set her off at any given time. We just didn't know or understand Eliza's issues. I was unable to hug my child. We avoided places and people because we were scared. Then, we started the whole diagnosis process and started coming to CNS. They are truly amazing. I no longer feel scared or embarassed by my child's former actions. Callie has really helped her and us more than she will ever know. I am forever indebted to Callie and all of the staff at CNS! With all of their help, Eliza is doing all the "silly little things" that were truly obstacles 5 months ago. Eliza is much more social, she doesn't mind people touching her on her head (huge), she will share, she will speak when spoken to, etc. It's such a relief to have my sweet girl. I can never repay CNS for everything they have done. My heart is full and I don't feel crazy or like a failed mother anymore. A million thanks to Callie!"

--Katie Joines



"Since Thomas began therapy at CNS Clinic we have seen so many wonderful changes in our little guy; he has met so many goals! His therapists are warm and friendly, always willing to listen, share ideas, and offer support. He was 8 years old when we started going to CNS. Thomas wasn't able/willing to move his bowels in the toilet, his maturity level and level of understanding and sensory stimuli were very low. He was unable to ride a bike even with training wheels. There are just a few examples of ways that Thomas was behind typical children. Our Occupational Therapist, Miss Peggy, turned us onto listening therapy, coupled with OT and sticker charts. Thomas began gaining ground. He finally became completely potty trained and he has gained more independence in his daily life. Thomas has learned many daily living skills he gained through OT. He can now pour, tie shoes, and ride a bike with training wheels, and so many more victories, great and small. Our family is so thankful for the compassionate and hardworking people at CNS Clinic. As a parent, there's no one else I'd rather have as my son's healthcare team."

--Tiffany Punch

1087 13th Street SE

Hickory, NC 28602


4012 Hickory Blvd

Granite Falls, NC 28630

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